Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Other's ideas

A few months back I was talking to a friend of mine and he was complaining that his boss has this weird habit of proclaiming others ideas as his own. So he used a classic metaphor to explain how things happen, story goes like this one day he ate at a certain new restaurant and was impressed with the food they served. So he came back and told his boss that the restaurant there serves good food and to give it a try. The boss berets him and says, you shouldn't be eating at such places its not hygiene. After a few weeks all of a sudden boss comes and tells him, "you should try the restaurant around the corner - its really good and clean"!

He told me this story to explain how things usually happen's at his work place. Then day before yesterday I was reading Steve Job's biography and it has a similar example explained, where apparently Steve Job's has had the same habit.

Seems like this happen's everywhere and following seems to be some of the common explanations,

1. You are seriously into stealing ideas or
2. It just dawns on you that its a good idea only on post processing or
3. You fall in love with the idea on post processing and get passionately attached to it and start living it.

Irrespective of which reason it falls into it, as per normal human psychological interpretation by a layman like me I felt credit should be given where it is due to create a sustainable inflow of such creative ideas, but on the contrary - How did it work for Steve if he was so bad?! Interesting, certain things, specially how human mind works cannot be interpreted by reading a book. 

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