Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mayakam Enna

Watched Mayakkam enna today. I should say that the second half of the movie left me spell bound. Specially the scenes after "Nan Sonnathum Mallai vanthicha" song were amazing. The acting by Dhanush and Richa in those scenes are extraordinary. It made me feel that Dhanush does deserve the national award. Selvaragavan's touch was brilliant in the climax scenes, specially the abortion scene would make any heart sink.

The only issue that I had with the movie was the first half, it just rolled on without much substance. The script of trying to portray modern society full of meaningless drunkenness and dating seemed to be the main purpose of the first 45 minutes. When Selvaragavan did the complication of the modern 'love' complications in '7G rainbow Colony' it did generate sympathy, but this didn't.

Anyway the main messages of the movie and the ending were really good. Most importantly the cinematography to fit the story of a photographer was done aptly. It's worth watching, but in my rankings Selvaragavan's  '7G rainbow colony' and 'Aayirathil Ooruvan' ranks slightly ahead of this. But I should say slightly.


  1. No doubt the second half is a spell binding one of Mayakkam enna.

    Once we all thought the slimness of Dhanush and the danceless and rigid acting of Surya, would never make them a mainstream actor. But in last couple of years we have seen them giving some outstanding films through their dedication and hard work.

  2. true..those two had come good in acting