Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revolution - next release

Exactly an year back from today I hurried back to my hotel and switched on the computer to find out what was the latest from Tahrir square. It was to find out what has happened to the revolution, Hosni Mubrak and wondering who was going to take over the governance.

The international news channels were beaming news and glorifying the Egyptian military and ironically it appeared that people were pushing the military to take up the power, while the military were reluctant to take it up. For me the trust on the military by the people seemed to be blind, but it appeared that the people of Egypt had unconditional trust about the military and them forming the caretaker government. I usually never trust people who carry arms to exert power and influence on others. For me its seemed so weird that probably for the first time in history a peoples revolution takes power from one dictator and gave it to the military.

Now an election has been held, but things hadn't been up to the expectations. Chaos still seems to be the order of the day and military doesn't want to now step out of limelight and play second fiddle. So seems like revolution 3.0 might be needed to take this power and pass it to another dictator ;) The lesson is that power is a very dangerous thing and when you get used to it you cannot live without it. So be careful even giving temporary powers to people. People go to different level to somehow hold on to power and the military seems to be the best example - I meant the Egyptian one.

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