Friday, January 13, 2012

Butterfly effect

When I watched the movie thasavatharam few years back I was not a fan of the butterfly effect. The movie was good, but the theory was not something that impressed me. The theory speaks about seemingly unrelated events being influential on other future events. The exaggeration used in the movie spoke about weird explanation for the cause of tsunami and a flattering of a butterflies wings causing some other disaster in a another corner of the planet.

Being a person who things that most of the things that happens around us are things that can be controlled by design except the 'acts of god'.

Anyway this movie has left this pattern in the mind. Now I had become a student of this pattern, I try to observe seemingly unrelated events impacting on my life and others lives. I have plenty of examples and explanation but the correlation index that I know in statistics is thrown out of the equation. But certain times I feel that when I cannot explain incidents I am trying to relate it to butterfly effect and loosing the science of things. What I realize is that butterfly effect would exists in this uncertain world but agility is the key to exploit it. Would be interesting to see how many people honestly believe butterfly effect.

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  1. It is something that can never be proven, right? Unless someone invents time travel and allow you to go back in time to change something and see the result of that change in the present.

  2. Its actually a bit times you feel its so right and at other times you feel its far too much imagination.

  3. Its about connecting the dot dot lines of the past. One can always do it and we dont talk about the dots we missed to connect anyway!