Saturday, January 28, 2012


In recent times Vijai movie's had all been of the same mold.  Out of his movies, Gilli was the last one I liked and there after haven't had a movie of my taste. The stories had become all too predictable and hence I was waiting to watch Nanban to see whether if Shankar has changed or whether if Vijai has changed. To my surprise seems as if both had changed, Vijai has acted in the movie and Shankar hasn't had much directorial work on it. Never expected him to do a frame by frame remake of "Three Idiots", but he has.

Out of the handful of Hindi movies which I watched "Three idiots" was one of it. Hence watching a frame by frame remake of it was pretty boring, I was wondering why they didn't just dub the Hindi version and release it in Tamil, instead of going through the pain of recreating this again.

Any way as Vimal pointed out, if probably you watch this without having watched the Hindi movie earlier I might have liked it. Anyway it was nice to see such a big crowd of Tamil movie stars in the same film.

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