Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better cross at the pedestrian crossing

Day before yesterday while I was getting down from the bus at Nawaloka, there was this dude who got down from the bus and hurriedly started to walk across the road and another guy screamed and said "innava innava". For moment I thought they were a couple of thieves and then I turned to see the cops were standing on the other side of the road and issuing tickets for those who were accused of 'jaywalking". 

Later I got to know that one of my colleagues also has received the ticket while he was 'crossing' the road while 'flowering' on the phone. Apparently they had taken down all the details and ordered him to attend a training session on pedestrian rules on Sunday and in case if he doesn't attend it he would be issued summons by the courts for the 'crime'. 

I am pretty lucky that I has not been picked up (still), but looks as if it will be a matter of time. So in order to find out about the law and possible punishments in Sri Lanka with respect to jay walking I tried Google and couldn't find out any detail. A friend said that the rule is that if there is a crossing within 50 meters of the place you are attempting cross, you can be issued a ticket. Not quiet sure, but any one know this rule please do share it with all the others. Seems like I deserve to be in one of the 'training'.


  1. OMG, Thanks for the info anna..
    I also used to do this while crossing :(..
    Should be aware of it

  2. hahaha..invain you had missed a chance of getting an invite for the training :D

  3. Why not make the 'training' open to the public. or even better, put the material up on the web.

    SL system assumes that the people will know all the rules automatically or puts the info in some obscure notice board that no one ever sees.