Friday, January 20, 2012

Mr. Sankarakumaran

A few days before I went to pay my last respects to late Mr. Sankarakumaran. I couldn't stop remembering the conversations I was lucky enough to have with him. Mr and Mrs Sankarakumaran are my good luck charm for the exams. There is this striking  correlation between my successful exams results and the admission cards signed by him. Usually when an exam is around I do not feel like talking to people or meeting people, but I visit their home with a lot of enthusiasm before the exam to get the admission card signed and most importantly get that magical calming effect on me.

He always manages to inspire me and calm me down. Ayya and Amma would always come up to the door to receive. I always made it a habit to offer my hand so he can hold on to me to while we walk up to the table, the touch of his feathery delicate hand is a feeling which I will always fondly recall.  At the table while he systematically takes out his seal and tries it on a rough piece of paper, I get to listen to him talk on various topics which spans from politics, sports, school, history and most importantly his youthful days. The topics are always different and I always feel very lucky to get a private audience with the people of the caliber of him and Amma. I had a lot to learn from their simplicity and humbleness. I just realize that how lucky I had been.

Last Monday I felt that someone should have documented at least some of his stories and regretted the fact that I never thought about it before. Today I was pleasantly surprised when I bounced in to and saw that the site already has a post about him with a montage and four audio recordings. Mr. Sankarakumaran's page is at . is an excellent initiative, they deserve a lot of accolades for this. Although he is no longer with us they had managed to capture and hold some minutes from his life for all of us to replay and relive.

RIP Sir.


  1. I am lk is a good one .. Kannan is part of it!

  2. yes I found this link accidentally from a reference from Sarves's mail on Kannan's site