Sunday, January 15, 2012

YIT Site

After a few weeks of delay got a beta version of the YIT site out [ ]. Thanks to bootstrap after a few hours of work could get a few web pages running. Its responsive design too ;) - Ok with a few bugs :D

Implemented JKs concept of banners. The picture selection and the concept all came from him. If I am not mistaken the apple commercial think different inspired him. I haven't done justice to the concept - but till a graphics designer's Midas touch is needed to make it all complete!

Everyone was saying that we need to get something up and running by Thai pongal - so with a few bugs posted it to see what the feedback is.

1 comment:

  1. Sayanthan,

    Brilliant work, I am glad the concept(Yea, Think different ad!) is perceived nicely in the banner. Yes the midas' touch is missing, one can always improve. Also the text and images can be bit better(Love the idea of having the contrast colored image for Jaffna related images and rest in black and white), but better images would make it more appealing (I have myself to blame for it anyway)