Friday, January 6, 2012

Best of 2011

A lot of bloggers including JK has been posting on the best of 2011. A listing of their own favorites from the year.  Taking a cue from them I am listing my own favorite films, book and songs released in 2011.

Best Book I read in 2011 - Undoubtedly was "Tuesdays with Morrie" - A classic book which inspired me with the idea of a Jaffna based IT initiative. Now taking shape as YIT. If not for this book, I would have had a tough time selecting one since I read, Blink, Siddhartha and death by meeting in 2011. You can find my complete book list at

Best Film I watched in 2011 - Out of the films I watched in 2011, the best for me was Theiva thirumagal. Probably it was the year with the least number of interesting films. Out of what was released I had not still watched 7 am arivu and Mayakkam Enna. So they are not in contention for the best film ;)

The Best Song of 2011 - Ennena Seidhom from Mayakkam Enna. Probably one of the best songs I had heard in recent times. But for some strange reason it has got buried in the noise of other songs. I haven't heard others comment about this song, but for me its the best.

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