Monday, January 23, 2012

7am Arivu

Recently I got the time to watch the movie '7 am arivu'. I was pretty impressed with the starting sequence set in the 5th century. For this part the direction, cinematography and acting standards were all much above the usual standards set by similar Tamil films. But unfortunately for me the film couldn't keep up such momentum through out the movie and the rest of the script was fluctuating in standard. Specially the scene where the Chinese meet and decide to send Don Lee on the mission to India was hopeless. The acting was substandard and it looked all too artificial.

I liked Surya's acting right through out the movie, it really showed that he has really worked hard for the movie and Shruthi's (I mean JK's) acting was also fluctuating just like the script. In certain parts she stood and on certain frames she showed that she was a new comer. Certain fight scenes reminded me of Jackie Chan's movie and in fights Don Lee clearly stood out and his quality of exhibition was a few notches above Surya's - but to be fair by Surya he has done something better than any other present day Tamil actor could have done.

For me it was an ok movie; after hearing a lot of hype about it, I probably went in with too much expectations and couldn't find that 'wow' factor after the first 30 mins.

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