Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Dear Great Leader!

Its a nation with a little above 20 million people. The national television's purpose of existence is to dedicate itself to educate people about the feats of its great leader. They describe that on the day of his birth there appeared a double rain bow and a bright star on the sky. He is hailed as a god like figure in the nation, a great patriot, a  living saint and every other thing people got were gifts to the people from the Great Leader!

The great leader started his succession planning when he got a few health hick ups, so the process of starting to groom his favorite son was being executed to perfection. So the state media played  it out well to show what the son is the great successor to take over the regime so that the throne stays within the family.

The nations greatest ally is China and today its also the biggest trading partner of that country. I am talking about North Korea! The nation that's making all news with the demise of its 'Great' Leader ( Great leader is actually the son of the Dear Leader, what will be his son's title). A secretive nation and at times it gives you goose bumps when you read about that country as painted by the western media. A nation that doesn't apparently have a mobile operator or access to internet but crucially has  nuclear power. Interesting. Its always nice to read about North Korea.


  1. I am writing him on viyaala maatram .. an interesting guy .. a great inspiration to another great leader of our time!!!!

    Not to mention about his giant statue

  2. நான் இந்த விளையாட்டுக்கு வர இல்ல , நான் ஒரு உள் குத்தும் வைத்து எழுத இல்லை என்று இத்தால் அறிய தருகிறேன்! ;)

  3. A nation that doesn't apparently have a mobile operator or access to internet //

    not sure .. they have operator ..and mobile phones ..but limited..

    they have a country wide intranet .. allowing some internet content too ..especially the scientific webisites..

    ofcourse I am talking about North Korea!

  4. Our Sun God, VP was the role model for North Korea's dear departed leader though the former was some years to junior to the latter. They both, of course, great leaders though the manner in which they departed was different.