Monday, December 19, 2011

250th Post!

In my marathon blogging exercise, with the target of 365 blog posts on the trot, today I reach the 250th post! So thought of doing some chest beating and bragging ;)

To be honest the amount of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and factual errors that I made in the posts had been uncountable.Despite of all that there are indeed a lot of nice people with such perseverance and tolerance levels to read them.

Personally during this exercise, I also understood how bad I had been in encouraging other people. Its only when others wrote to me or gave feedback or left a comment on the blog I realized that I had been very stingy in giving credit and encouragement where it is due and constructively criticize when it was due. By experiencing it, now I understand that people who do this, are people with a very rare quality and at times we ignore or take these people for granted and fail to appreciate their role and contribution.

I didn't have a habit of hitting a like button for nice creations, I never commented on someone else's blog when I read them, I never wrote to others to thank when someone's writing or product was useful to me, never really valued the wikipedia contributors unselfish contributions to make others lives easier, never wrote a review for a book I read, but the perceptions on all the above has now changed to the positive side during the last 250 days. I now try to write personal notes to people when their contribution has been useful or nice or inspiring. Now I am more lavish in clicking Likes. Probably now I realize the value of them more than I did before. This continuous blogging exercise has now become almost like a spiritual experience and forces me to forgot about all the chaos around me and think about what I want to write or post for the day.  It reminds me on a daily basis that I had spent one more day from my time on the planet. This in turn reminds me of "THE END". When my teacher said our motto is "LOOK TO THE END" I never understood that, but now on a daily basis when I sit down to write it reminds me that I need to keep the end in mind and look to the end!


  1. Well on your way Sayanthan .. good going .. Though some of the posts are ordinary .. I would still count majority high stake .. excellent work!

    welcome to blogger physcology .. its an understanding among bloggers that we shud comment each other ;) .. atleast a word of "nice one" .. cos it takes lots of effort, thinking and reading to write a single ten lines post ... let alone the time and dedication to write!

  2. Well done on reaching the milestone! This year, I too grew to appreciate the massive benefits I have from Wikipedia, and will be donating towards their continued effort!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi anna,
    Hope this is a late comment..
    Anyways ,really great to read your posts , most i read and the pictures are entertaining even though i skipped few hence i'm lazy to read numbers of paragraphs ;-)..

    On the whole great going! Looking forward for more interesting posts in future too :-)

  4. I think we are all guilty on this. Thanks for voicing what we bloggers struggle to compress :)