Monday, December 5, 2011

Risk of an artist

Sun between leavesThere are certain pictures, which I thought were nice, but never liked by others. This picture is one of those. I posted it on facebook got about 1 or 2 likes and didn't get much attention on flickr too.

If I cannot predict how its going to be accepted by others for a simple picture. Imagine how the people who bet their careers on doing creative films. Seriously it takes a lot of courage to do different things and try different genre of films.

For whatever reasons people like Balachander, Maniratnam, also the young directors of films like "7G rainbow colony" (Selvaragavan) and "Manthira pungai" (Karu Palaniappan) are the first people who come to my mind. Ah then of course, I will rot in hell if I do not mention "Bala". These are people who had consistently chartered uncharted territories on celluloid but also made sure they knew the tastes of the audiance with very high  hit rates.

Thank god I do a technical job and not a creative job :)


  1. Not really anna.. It's nice..
    You can count my vote too :-)

  2. Add a facebook likes plugin .. u will see how many people like it ...