Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dawn of the most important year

Simply I am stepping in to the most important year of my life up to now. In my memory after the years of O/L and A/L, haven't had any year which has dawned with such importance. 2012 is definitively different and even the minute of the dawn is going to be tensed both professionally and personally .

I am not a person who usually cares about specific dates, but for some reason by co-incidence Jan 1st 2012 has become an important date. Not only the first the whole of the year! I can only disclose publicly few of the reason's on why it's important, so I am listing only those,

Yarl IT Hub

YIT's logo will be decided tonight at 12 midnight. Kajan's design looks certain to clinch the title. [ - scroll through the whole album to see the design's submitted]  The response has been overwhelming, I can remember the chat I had with JK on this and we told our selves that we will be happy if  we get 3 decent logo's for the competition. But then the community just showed its power by putting forward some amazing designs! On some days I was struck for words on seeing the creations.  To be honest I liked each of it and if you look carefully I had 'LIKED' each of them! The perspective's they had thought through, they all were genuine efforts and showed the passion people have towards this cause. Its wonderful to know that a lot of people share this dream.

In 2011 we conceptualized and organized ourselves and did the initially ground work in Jaffna. 2012 is the year in which YIT will be one year old and the execution will commence. Fingers crossed.

140 for Trinity [ 1872 - To date ] 

Trinity College, the land of youth and dream. A place which I am indebted for life, will turn 140 this year!

Personally I would have to accept that I am an old man now and embrace 30's, on top of that I have a whole lot of resolutions for 2012, too long to be listed here. So now let the games begin!

Wishing all of you a very prosperous new year!  
May it be the year in which all your dreams come true!

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