Friday, December 16, 2011

Current affairs as described by train commuters

The train is a funny place, you hear everything from family problems to politics being discussed. In recent times I had not been following local politics and happenings and the 3 hours of travel was enough time to hear all of it.

Of course the first topic was the race! Train commuters after being forced to leave offices early to get the train were really 'pleased' about the fact that there would be Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, porches, etc all parading on our own streets. Such privilege when an entire city center is closed for a race. One suggested that the race could have happened at the highway instead of the city center.  It sounded a good idea! Someone appoint him an adviser!

Then another started the vegetable issue - he suggests that the rule is a generation too early. He recommends that his generation already has enough  immunity in the system to survive with a bit lesser hygiene. He is worried about the potential rise in the cost of vegetables and even markets trying to sell at super market prices. No one argued with him and started to echo his sentiments. Then a lady joined in and said all these developments show a swing of preference towards the "dhanawath panthiya" (the rich man). She say that we don't need highways since its not going to be used by commoners. Sighting that you need a vehicle and then a need to pay a handy sum to take a ride through it. All of a sudden even the good thing of implementing infrastructure development is also being blamed on. Sri Lankan's go through huge mood swings!

Then a young man started to complain by saying, look my father has never bought me even a bicycle for me, but look at that father even with such a modest salary he had made a saving to buy for that 'baby' all of this to ride. If anybody is reading Warren Buffets investment secrets book, forget about it and wait for a better version which can ensure faster returns.

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