Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Which phone to buy

For months now my phone has been "playing up" very often than not. It decides to take sabbatical leaves at random and then all of a sudden after a few days of repercussion starts working again.  Its now a ticking time bomb and I am pretty sure that on one important day it will just go dead. I had been happily postponing the purchase of a new one, since I enjoy a phone less non intrusive life. After some thought now I've decided I am going to get myself a replacement.

Just been searching for the 'right' phone for me and still largely undecided. The range that's in for sale is so large and confusing. Once bitten twice shy, the only decision that I had made is that its NOT going to be a phone with Windows mobile OS! As of now main contenders are a few android phones. btw I am not one of those android Martyr types and consider all other phone users as traitors of open source. Its just that out of the options I found to be available only this range had something that could fit by bill and purpose. If I find some other OS phone which is better off would definitely buy that.

The main options which I am think about are the Google Nexus S and Samsung galaxy note. From the little I played around with Google nexus seemed a good phone. The price range was also was not too bad. When I was almost convinced about this I came across the Samsung Galaxy note, now this is expensive but its crucially a hybrid between a tab and a mobile phone. I wouldn't buy a tab in near future anyway hence paying a bit extra to get a bit of tab like future also seems an exciting prospect. But then you know carrying around a phone of the size of a brick :( Damned confused. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

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  1. yes, i think samsung galaxy note would be a good choice. since it's a hybrid of an android and tablet.. the speed of the phone is amazing with the dual core processor.. now a days people prefer android phone better than any other mobile OS. cuz android phones offer the greatest apps availability.. you could try the following sites for the best unlocked phone prices..


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