Friday, December 23, 2011


Being sick today gave me an excuse to sit and watch a couple of Tamil movies. When I say a movie its not really the full movie I watch, in most cases I forward the fights and the songs which had been artificially forced in to the movie and end up finishing certain movies in less than 30 mins. There are movies of 2 actors whose movies take even lesser time, let me not name them, but I am sure your guess is good as mine.

So today I got two movies one called as Sathurangam and Karungali. Karungali wasn't my type of movie.

Watching Sathurangam left me with mixed feelings. The script had occasional bursts of brilliance. In certain parts I was in awe, for example the scene in which the girl explains why she wishes that the boy's parents object to their affair. Certain other scenes too plucked different notes which are unusual in Tamil movies. Those part were beautiful.

When I finished the movie I noticed that it was a Karu Palaniappan movie, the man whom I was very much impressed about after watching manthira punnagai. This was a big surprise for me, so I google to find whether it was true, apparently he has also won an award for Sathurangam script. I've no doubt that he is a good script writer, but sir, although you had won the best script writer award for Sathurangam, personally for me Manthira punnagai is your best up to now!

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  1. Pirivom Santhipom is his best and its not a subjective view ... Just a take a breath and watch that movie... He had explored every tiny feelings excellently with a slow paced movie. For me, one of best 10 movies of all time.

    Manthira Punnagai is good for its dialogue. Infact exceptional for its dialogue. But the plot is inspired from "Beautiful Mind" .. So yea :)