Saturday, December 24, 2011

2012 Technology Predictions

I am trying to play the role of an astrologer and make technology predictions for 2012.

Year of Cloud
It's going to be the year in which the cloud fad peaks. Cloud Computing has been lurking in the sidelines for the last three years and 2012 will be the time for its hour in spotlight. The cloud craze will no-longer be a distance thing spoken by enterprises, it will transform in to a consumer level technology and impact on individual life styles. Cloud based email services, cloud based document management systems, cloud based CRMs, cloud based HRMs, cloud based ERPs will be seen in organizations more and more. It has enough tricks in its bag to sustain the year before the cloud bubble bursts in future. Like all the other infant technologies cloud will also be perverted as much as being really used during 2012!

Year of Android 
Android which has been playing second fiddle to apple in app market will have it's year in glory, since it would have a better penetration because its available on cheaper handsets. Apple would continue to be good in it's space. This will be the year in which Apple will feel the void left by Steve when it comes to selling to a global audience. I can safely write off Microsoft and Nokia in mobile space , and say they are not going to make much of an impact in the mobile space within 2012.

Rise of Mobilets ( Mobile + Tablets ) 
Looking at the Samsung Galaxy note and the attraction that it's getting I am sure there is going to be more similar devices in this space. Not sure whether this can be a big enough space in it's own right but it will be interesting to see. If this concept picks up we would see the irony of life in cycles. From a culture which wanted mobile phones to be small and called the bigger ones a brick - few years later the bricks with a different feature set might become fashionable again - That will be a full cycle!

Not going to be an year for Facebook
Facebook's year of spotlight is over and it's bound to be indulged in more privacy rows. The company will stay true its core values of being 'bold' - So wouldn't be surprised to see more controversial features being pushed and see more disgruntled techies quitting. Google+ isn't going to be a winner either. I would see 2012 where the sun sets on the social networking boom and realities starting to dawn on them. People would start to realize where the social networking tool fits in to their lives. Where as earlier it was new and people expected it to change everything and anything for them.

A lot of 4G 'talks' - But not going to see the real implementation
We are going to hear about 4G/LTE roll outs and implementations right through out the globe. At least in this part of the world this will be far from reality and would continue to be a marketing gimmick to keep the audience enthralled. I would be pleasantly surprised if they can at least give good 3G coverage which doesn't switch to EDGE/GPRS in half the locations.

Note: All views expressed in this blog are my personal views and doesn't in anyway represent the views of the organization I am employed by. 

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