Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A symbolic picture

Students' standing in front of a Arumuga Navalar's portrait. The architect who created a educational revolution in Jaffna which has enabled generations to reap what he sow!


  1. Sayanthan .. It was the missions together with Navalar who setup this revolution. Mission started it first but then they had their own hidden agenda too( Father Percival was little exception central, st.johns, hartly .. u name it

    So Navalar is one of the architects, the number of christian schools in Jaffna contributed a lot to Jaffna's civilisation and educational roots so did Navalar single handedly pretty much!

  2. හරි සෝක් පින්තූරෙ

  3. JK, Yes you are correct ..It was a race between Navalar, Missionaries and the Government at that time to establish state schools that contributed to the Educational boom at that time. Navalar was the catalyst.