Friday, December 9, 2011

How he values each cent

There is this old dude probably in his 50's got in to the bus and sat next to me. Suddenly the lady seated in front turned and asked him "where is the computer?" He panicked, searched for it and then got down and tried to chase the three wheeler. After 10 mins totally tired and frustrated. He was blaming his fate. Said that "vithi vilayaduthu".

I too started to feel very sorry for him. I was imagining the fate that would befall on me if I loose my computer all of a sudden, cost on one hand and the data on the other. It was sending a shiver down my spine.

Then he started to speak to me and I tried my best to listen to him, which was the best I could do to console him. Slowly it was revealed that he hasn't lost his computer but its his new monitor. So I felt a bit more ok than before, but still I was imagining him to be a humble man who is deservedly whining about this after he has lost a few months of his savings.

After about 30 mins the topic is still the monitor and now it becomes more clear that this was a free new replacement monitor he has got himself after he went and argued with the seller saying that the old one is damaged after he has used it for an year. After some time he started to explain to me that he is the main agent for an important retail product for two regions and with 10 outlets fully owned by him. He travels to india and canada as if its his next door, but still whining for 2 hours non stop about the lost monitor. Finally he tells me that he is so tensed after loosing it and wants some water to dry his throat. I just realized a quality and value system that has made him in to what he is today. For whatever reason most of the successful Sri Lankan businessmen have this quality.

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