Friday, December 2, 2011

Signs of getting old?

The other day I was scrolling the daily mirror site and found a heading which read that "Chandimal fined", I didn't bother to click the item and read it. I was under the prejudice that the youngster would have obviously done something nasty and has been deservingly punished.

This same ME, few years back, used to jump and read such news item written about the cricketers being fined. For example Sanga used to have a liking to get fined every other match and I would read it with a lot of sympathy towards him and curse the older generation people who try to tell that he should learn to shut up and play. For me he was a symbol of a cricketting rebel, whom was only second to Arjuna, anyone who condemned them were traitors.

After a bit of thinking I thought probably I was influenced by the mental personalities I had created about the different cricketers.

Then on the other day I was travelling on the train and I settled into a seat and pulled my kindle and started to read. At one of the stations I see a set of people seated on a platform and play cards, for a moment I thought - "what a waste of time". Ironically, the guy who is thinking like this has a Bachelors degree in card games ( specializing in 304 ).

In another case interestingly I was talking to a person who has three children and in his late thirties. He was very happy that the government was doing moral cleansing. I said when I was at school I would have really hated it, if someone tried to make sunday school compulsory. Then I reminded him that "dude even you used to complain a lot while you were at school when you were forced to do things". He replied "your opinion will change with time". "You would get old and forget the youthful delight".

Now whenever I get these thoughts I question myself "am I expecting a different thing from others than what I did or was capable of doing". Someday I don't want to be the old man who had forgot the youthful thoughts, acts and deeds.

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