Thursday, December 29, 2011

Test cricket's year of glory

Liking for test cricket is a perceived taste, just like a liking for classical music or green tea, first you need to go through an initial period of learning process to enjoy it and then you become fully addicted to it for life.

Give green tea to a person who hasn't had it and the first comments are usually very harsh, in the same way for a youngster who had grown up listening to rock listening to classical music is the most irritating thing, same applies to a person from a non-cricketing nation when he sees cricket specially test cricket which takes 5 long days its quiet irritating. But then for us South Asian's this probably the only sport we are good at 'world' level so basically we love it.

If you are a person who falls into test cricket lover category, Year of 2011 was the best you could have asked for. Some of the twists that the matches has had is unprecedented. The SA vs AUS series was the epitome of the celebration of test cricket. The rest of the matches including matches between Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe, NZ vs Zimbabwe, SL vs England, the India Vs WI draw, NZ Vs Aus and then finally the unprecedented come back by the SL team to beat SA, all had been top class cricket matches.

I am having this eerie feeling that test cricket is having its last flash before it dies off. I sincerely hope I am proven wrong on this.

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