Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No SQL making all the headlines

In the last few months No SQL has been in the news for the "right" and the "wrong" reasons. The Mongo DB rumor was doing the rounds and was giving coverage to No SQL for the wrong reasons. While this was happening, on the sidelines few interesting things were also happening.

Venture capitalists were stepping up investments on No SQL solutions. One report claimed a whooping $350M has been invested by the venture capitalists on No SQL. At the same time seems as if Oracle is also feeling the pinch from the No SQLs and seems as if it has stepped up the activity to provide No SQL features. Its by combining the MySQL clusters NDB API and memcache. The MySQL cluster 7.2 trunk has direct memcache integration via the NDB API, through which No SQL operations are enabled.

Looking at the signals, where on one hand its coming under heavy attack in the form of rumors,  while there is heavy investment on it. The signs seems to be obvious, No SQL is here to stay.


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