Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To my dear secret santa

At office we have this secret santa thing and this is my open letter to the secret santa about my wish list.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thought I would write this to give a guideline on the do's and don'ts for the presents you wish to buy for me.

- Please kindly avoid buying me boring things like ornaments and soft toys. Since my table is already too crowded
- It might look like a good idea to buy me a comb, but then remember even my father tried the same trick as a birthday present 5 years back. But nothing has changed.
- Don't buy me a gift voucher - I already have about 3 gift vouchers on my table approaching the expiry date and I am sure it will expire without being used.
- Don't get me tshirts - I have a full stock of unused new tshirts recieved as gifts although I wear my old MySQL tshirt on a daily basis
- Don't buy me chocolates - I don't eat them and the planet is full of chocolate theives 
- I am a vegetarian so don't buy me food

- If you are filthy rich you can think of buying me the phone that I was looking for in an earlier blog - But then I don't think they give phones for 300 Rs for that matter the phone that I want cannot even be bought for 300 USD. So that's not going to work - forget it!
- By reading the do's and don'ts you would have recognized that it's impossible for you to buy something for me. So the best you could do is contact me before hand and get a present for the person for whom I am supposed to be the 'Santa' - That could be the greatest gift that can be given to me at this point of time - because I am too lazy to go shopping for it. Deal?! ;)

Your earliest response on this is most appreciated.

Thank you,

Yours Truly


  1. you cannot buy that for 300 Rs. :P

  2. Good idea ... if this idea carried on .. the idea of santa gift will collapse like US economy one day .. ah ha

  3. Wow, the solution to every secret santa crisis!