Sunday, December 18, 2011

The debate on the Values of YIT

Initially when we defined the values of Yarl IT Hub (click here to read the earlier post). We defined the following as our values,

* Not for profit initiative
* Transparent
* Apolitical
* Technology and corporate independent

When this was published "The MBA" at home was critical of the listing. The criticism was that, all the values listed are negative. The listing is what are the things as a community we wouldn't do, but it has missed to have the listing of what things we would do as a community. Initially at least I was hesitant to listen, but on second thoughts I felt a bit awkward so when the team met up last week I explained the dilemma and the team unanimously agreed with her argument.

So we thought of amending the listing and include some positive things too (So altogether we would have 7 Values),

1. Nurture and develop IT talent
2. Empower the community with IT
3. Innovation

Nurture and develop IT talent
To achieve our vision of making Yarl the next Silicon valley its of utmost importance for us to nurture and develop IT talent. We would strive to create a conducive environment for IT talent growth and IT start ups. This would also serve as a platform to network and share knowledge on IT.

Empower community with IT
We strive to use technology to positively influence the livelihood of the community.

If we are to make a mark on the globe, its a must that we innovate.  We as a community would live a culture of innovation and and would dare to try and encourage innovative means and ways.

Please feel free to give us feedback at all times - we listen and value it!

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  1. Good one Saya .. Do you remember I asked the similar question on What exactly is this damn "Value" meant .. I had the same confusion .. But then you somehow convinced me that this is what a Value would be ;) .. anyway welcome the changes although personally it doesn't really matter much for me.. what we do in future will rewrite the value and become our core values, the rest written on paper will just be vanished!