Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yarl IT Hub - Logo Design Competition

To live up to the spirit of a community initiative, Yarl IT Hub is running a logo design competition among the online community. The winning design will be chosen and 'crowned' as the Yarl IT Hub’s logo. The logos designed by the community will be put on display on facebook and the design which gets the most number of "likes" will be made the logo of Yarl IT Hub!

The rules are

  1. All designs should be posted on the Yarl IT Hub fan page at and the logo with the highest number of likes by the 25th of December 2011 (12 midnight IST) shall be picked as the winner.
  2. The winning logo will become a property of the Yarl IT Hub (vision / values)
  3. Yarl IT Hub reserves the right to reject any design if it’s deemed to be incoherent with the vision or core value of the initiative.
Winner gets a complimentary copy of the first memorabilia created with the Logo.

Now time to show off the creative side of the online community! 

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