Friday, December 30, 2011

The year in pictures

Started the year in Style at Taj Mahal. It was an adventurous beginning to the year!  Based on the place of visit there were people who were making predictions for the year and we had proved them all wrong! ;)

As soon as we returned from the 'pilgrimage' to the Himalaya's was sent off on an African 'Safari' the first of the three of its kind. Crossed from East to West of Africa during the January visit. This Cheetah is a special memory. Thanks I am spared! 

Made a trip to Ella and this was a peach of shot. Probably the most luckiest thing to have happened to me when with a camera!

Ended up going to Africa for the Third time withing the year and this time it was a month's stay. Which meant a safari each weekend. This is from hell's gate.

3rd time lucky to see the lion in wild. Not just one it was too. Had a field day squeezing the body out of the car  to take pictures while the lions made love!

Third week was to Nyeru - A time of the life and then you see this magical picture! you couldn't even bribed them to pose like this!

Completed the big five sighting with a very rare African leapord sighting! Life is a journey!  Even the guides toasted for the leopard sighting supposed to be the closest even for them at Neyuru!

On a day where I forgot to charge my battery while taking a stroll in Udawathakele. A snake with his catch!

Some beautiful moment between my uncle and his cat in Jaffna.  Its a series of pictures I love to see over and over again!

Then again finally the squirrel hunt in Jaffna, while doing some meetings for YIT and getting it off the ground. . Great to be there - I mean in all sense !

While all this was happening - starting from last April I had been keeping my promise to post a blog each day. This is how I do it! YES I AM WEARING A SHOE! Its not photoshop ;)


  1. Wow... looks like you had an awesome year! That cat picture is a definite favourite of mine...

    All the best for 2012 and keep blogging!

  2. Thank you Angel, wish you too a very happy new year!