Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reading about vegetarians

In a strange coincidence the last two books that I read has had vegetarians in the main role.  One was Steve Jobs the vegan and then the other one Sudhir Venkatesh the vegetarian. Both are written in autobiography style and when they mention about certain feelings which are shared by vegetarians, it makes me feel good. To know that there is some other person on another corner of the world has felt the same. 

When they describe the choosiness of Steve Jobs in feed, I felt an "ahaa" moment.  His pursuit to find the vegan dishes and friends having to compromise and make 'sacrifices' by going to the veg eating places are some of it. In the scene in which a friend claims he should get out of dinner from Steve's place early so that he can find the other eating places still open, was hilarious and similar to some of the sarcasm I have heard. 

The part which stuck me the most was in "The gang leader of the day", where he says, if not for being a vegetarian, probably could have made a few more friends! I was not sure, but it surely made me think. Interesting perspectives. Felt like vegetarians feelings being shared with fellow vegetarians was interesting. 


  1. Interesting post anna.. Surprised to know that Steve Jobs is a vegan!

  2. Half of my immediate family is vegetarian and for family gatherings everyone is happy to eat vegetarian food. I think they look at it as acceptance of their loved ones rather than a sacrifice!