Monday, February 20, 2012


Usually I have a liking to watch Cheran's movies, specially the once directed by him. Last time when some of my friends persuaded to watch Yutham sei a movie where he plays the main role, turned out to be an anti climax. So when I started to watch muran I didn't know what to expect.

It turned out to be one of the strangest Tamil movies I had watched. A bit of a psycho thriller. Prassanna's acting as the villan was good, initial script was good, but then the movie as a whole was just ok. For people who had read mysteries, the story line towards the end became all too predictable and the feeling of being too long started to kill me towards the end.

After watching this and yutham sei, probably I should be looking for Cheran the director and not Cheran the actor. The movie definitely lacked a wow factor, which I usually expect from Cheran movies, but then this was not a Cheran movie.


  1. Very true. Also, when directors are acting and directing a movie, I find their magic touch disappears in the movie. Cheran, SJ Suray & Aamir have give very good movies when they were just directing

  2. I still think Yudhem Sei is an ok movie. And remember Cheran played in both "Solla Marantha Kathai" and Pirivom Santhipom" .. two beauties!

    End of the day you don't watch for actors (Except Rajini and Kamal) but for the director ... and Yudhem Sei, SMK, and Pirivom santhipm ... all are from good directors..