Saturday, February 11, 2012

I paded

In recent days I had been living in the confusion of buying a phone and two weeks back I almost made up the mind that I am not going for it, but last two weeks of hell without a proper working phone of mine I was again pushed to reconsider my decision. So today during transit I walked in to the Dubai duty free, firmly decided that I am taking home a galaxy note. While I was gazing at it, the sales lady said, "Sir, we are having a special Apple offer today, better have a look at that too. 

Reluctantly I walked over and then to see that the iPad price has indeed been slashed.It was much cheaper than galaxy note! Worse than that for the last 4 hours I was reading Steve Job's autobiography and I was under a spell and curiosity to break open a package of new Apple product packing and to feel the marvel described in the book. In a spontaneous burst of madness I decided to buy it. I haven't done any research, haven't done my usually analyse that I do before I buy products - Just nothing, it was a split of a second decision. 

If anyone is to be given a commission for selling me that ipad it should go to Walter Isaacson and no one else!  

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