Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three inventions I hate

There are three inventions which I simply hate.

1. Iron
 Who ever invented iron is an absolute idiot. Because of him I cannot go around to places without ironing my clothes. I am one of those people who is forced to spend time attempting to iron my clothes due to social pressure. Every other day when I iron I cannot stop cursing the inventor of the iron. Just imaging a world without an iron box, seriously it crushed and beautiful.

2. Comb
Another thing that you are expected to do due to social pressure is to comb your hair. Very often when I travel I forget to take one. For example for the last ten days my hair has not met a comb and I don't expect it to meet a comb till the 11th! During this sort of times you wish and pray that no one had a comb.

3. Mobile phone
I make a living out of mobile phones and associated technologies. My job revolves around making people use it, but when it comes to my personal life, its something that I hate. Specially when I am in need of some solitude the last thing I want is to hear my phone ring. This is when it makes me wonder that actually life would have been beautiful without a mobile intruding our lives. Seriously there is life outside a mobile device. Probably its not the fault of the inventor we had given too much priority to it, some time we set up meeting with people and while we are during the discussion we would stop the discussion and attend to a call from some insurance company trying to do some online marketing. Hardest part is to learn to keep a mobile where it deserves to be.

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