Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preempt - What I learnt from bridge

Bridge is one of the card games which I like and admire most. I am no expert at ir and it was at university that  I got a chance to learn the game. When I got the opportunity to choose between card games, given its one of those days I had a lot of time to kill ( which was the case on all most all the university days) I opted to play bridge.

While learning the game I learnt the word 'preempt'. Its the strategy in bidding where in order to thwart opposition from communicating the strengths of their suites at lower bid levels you jump up few levels. For example when an initial bid is placed at 2 No trump. That's a preemptive bid. At most times it effectively cuts off the lowest level communication levels between the two opponents.

I find the strategy of preempting to be really useful even in negotiation. I find that when you are at a negotiation table or dealing with a customer its always better to tell the truth and preempt the possibility of them finding out the issue. This strategy gives an immediate repercussion but in the long run the trust it creates and the help it does to maintain a better relationship in future is of immense. On the contrary leaving it to them to find out, makes them loose trust in you. So the 'gamble' of preempting is  generally the safest option when handling weaknesses.

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