Friday, February 10, 2012

Lesson learnt - Never pass judgement

There was this SL vs India match played in India and an unknown Indian player by the name of "Dhoni" slammed a ruthless century to win a high scoring match. It was a game of absolute power hitting and I was so annoyed with this player when I saw on TV the 12th man bringing a chair and a umbrella so that this player could sit and relax during the breaks. Before this I had never seen this happen and I was cursing him for making  a cricket field look like a beach resort.

Except for Tendulkar and Dravid, usually I hated almost all the other Indian players, since they seemed like men who carried a swollen head. So after watching Dhoni's antics in one of the other matches Yuvraj Singh hit a good shot and was coughing holding his abdomen, I was again shouting at him while watching on TV to either walk off retired hurt or just play the game without acting. I felt all these Indian's were making mockery of cricket. Specially after the IPL gimmicks I stopped believing any of the Indian cricketers.

Yesterday I was reading on NDTV an interview by his father and he mentions that when he saw his son cough and hold his abdomen that's the point he had realized his son is having a hereditary family health issue.  He had been carrying a cancer. When reading it I could remember the incident, I cringed in shame about my ignorance and for passing judgement seated on an armchair. Today when I saw on twitter, he has published a picture  with his shaved head I felt like standing and applauding the courage of the man. Like Lance Armstrong may he also have the courage to make the comeback to the world of cricket and be an inspiration to millions of others!

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