Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comparing medico's with IT people

Last few days I had been spending quiet a bit of time at hospital. Seated in a corner, I had been silently observing how medical professionals work and function.I couldn't resist the temptation in making comparison's with IT professionals.

The consultant doctors were more like the trouble shooting people. Just like the guys who go on site and try to trouble shoot, while all the customer pressure and expectations are there. They silently go about doing tests, to narrow down on the problem and figure out what the issue is. They are the brains behind the project. There intuition and expertise they had developed from practice greatly help them in narrowing down the problem. But the biggest difference is that IT people play with machines but they more consciously handle lives.

Then we have the house officers, with due all respects to them they sounded like the IT juniors who we send on customer visits to cover up for the consultant. They seemed to be working as per the process. They go on rounds every nth hour. A patient told me that he had over heard one such house officer tell a nurse "Lets do a quick run around and come" and true to his word after marking register with the patients he was back after the run around in no time. Its not actually their fault just like in IT, a process has been forced upon them and they are sent on assignments where they are not given the full picture.

Then we have the nurses, who were more like the Quality assurance people. They had to take the brunt of work and of course just like the Developers who would always find fault with the QAs here too I found that doctors did find fault with them.

Most importantly, guys at the reception desk were the project managers. Main job was to keep an eye on the till box their and when the consultant gets late or some other deliverable gets delayed, they come up with a creative reason to handle the customer.

Unfortunately in medical profession I couldn't find a damn job for business analysts like me or wait, if you really look through my job is not needed in IT too :D

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