Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Obama style

In recent days I had been trying to analyse Obama's style and at times I am left to imagine how shrewd he is.  Even before he did anything for world peace (or was it to disrupt ) he won the noble world peace price. Probably what earned him the price was his speech or probably the noble prize committee felt that it was a pre offer to him so that he would be a good boy.

Any way he has actually fought more real wars than Bush, but he was no idiot to go and flex his muscles in public. But has been strong on strategy and been result oriented. Look at the case of Libyan war, he managed to put the Europeans in front and kept the American name clean. Almost half the wars and revolutions in Africa and middle east are blamed to be having an invisible hand, while the world contemplates on whose hand it is.

The only place probably he has not been able to bring it under control is in Pakistan, who had not been too nice on this. On rest of the cases, his strategy has given rich dividends and he cleverly has never had the image of a war monger. From an American perspective I guess he is a great strategist, but from the world's perspective - we are yet to find out!


  1. OBAMA, just watch his interviews..never answer directly to any of the tough questions.. He is shrewed for sure... I sense his motives are good, however he will not be able to implement it with the current congress and the people around... So called first african american president is just a muppet of american caucasians.. He will be reelected as Republican party is more like UNP these days, except for the fact that they atleast change their leader and the candidates if they are unable to win

  2. Typical democrat! They know what they do... But still personally think Clinton was better president in his tenure after Bush's gulf war gimmicks.