Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today I was at a conference and it was a rare exhibition of innovation. It was a presentation in which the presenter kept on reminding me of the great Martin Luther King. He was converting the audience in to fans who endorsed what he said and went through the emotions with him.

My topic is not on that presentation , but an incident during that. The presenter was explaining about a GPS tracking device and how it can be used innovatively in business. Then he said now you can track even your kid! He said "I am sure you can come up with thousand more examples". The smart lady in the first row quipped, "every wife wants to put one of those in her husbands pocket!".  The whole of the room irrupted in laughter, the irony of innovation was not lost - but seems as if that's a market gap that's not being

This week has been the hardest week to keep up the pledge of writing a blog per day. Was not at all in any mood to write and almost decided to quit doing this. Its been a week full of false posts. Today's one is one more to that list. Hope to break away from false posts soon. :(

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