Tuesday, February 7, 2012


On the way to reach 365 consecutive posts, today I touch the 300th post. When I started the 'project' everyday before I wrote my day's post, I would go and check how many people had visited my previous posts. But now I had stopped doing it, the number visits doesn't motivate me any longer. Blogging has become almost an addiction, before I goto bed on any day I remember that I need to make a post. Actually that has brought a bit of discipline in to my lifestyle.

Somewhere in November (click here to read that post) I realized that all my posts are done late in the night and wanted to change the habit, Tried a bit and then made up my mind its better to do it in the night. Blogging has become a way of recollecting my days work and think about the next day. Its the time I spend in absolute solitude thinking, dreaming and imagining different things.

The only thing that I hate about this is that at times I cannot write my heart out. On some days I write a full post and then end up deleting it knowing that I cannot post it in public. Its just that certain constraints are enforced on me and still not brave enough to break them. Probably after this 365, I might not continue to do a post a day but would try to break out of my self imposed regulations and become brave enough to posts things I had been deleting up to now. That's my wish on the day I touch 300.


  1. Congrats Sayanthan... Yes blogging is a passion, good number of hits is always a motivating factor, but when it lacks it wouldn't demoralize anyway!

    Yes looking forward to read your posts after 365! I am sure you will put out more and detailed afterwards!


  2. Well done! I think it would be a good idea not to delete those heartfelt posts of yours but save them as drafts. Later on, if you decide to publish, they are there and even if you never publish them, they are a record of some of your deepest feelings.

    Good luck!