Sunday, February 26, 2012

YIT Meet Up

The inaugural meet up of Yarl IT Hub will be held on next Saturday at the IIS City Campus auditorium in Jaffna. The event is expected to have an expert panel discussion on cloud computing featuring prominent academics, Software Architects, Doctoral Students, etc. Along with that there will be sessions done by students from Jaffna, Yarl IT Hub introductory session and some surprises.

Participants will include academics, IT staff, IT students, IT practitioners who  are travelling down to Jaffna for this, well wishers who will be joining as in person and last but not least those who will be joining our online streaming.

I can assure that this is going to be a first of its kind event in Jaffna and make sure you make it a point to join it. Those who need an invite please register yourself at for those who wish to join the online streaming please send in your details, since we have to plan the streaming capacity needed.

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