Saturday, February 25, 2012


Governments hate her, insurgents hate, terrorists hate her, at every other place she has been a thorn in the flesh to them, but she seems to have been the only source of light for people caught in the cross fire and now the world has lost that light.

She seems to be one of those rare souls who always thought that she is special and laws and rules doesn't apply to her. Every other place on earth she was capable of sneaking in to places which the warring parties didn't want the rest of the world to see. You can like her or hate her, but you cannot deny that she was passionate in her work and risked her life, eye and limb to do what she believed in. Her achievements span more than 25 years covering a whole lot of conflicts around the globe. After loosing one of her eyes in trying to cover the Sri Lankan conflict, you would have expected a normal soul to hang up her boots ( or is the pen) and be at home at the cosy of television set and become an armchair critic. For these type of passionate people quitting is not an option, their life embodies their passion.

Since the Sri Lankan episode, I had been following her and when ever her name is mentioned I make an extra effort to read the articles. Including the reporting from Libya, Syria and Afghan. I am sure with her a lot of facts and secrets had also been silenced. May her find peace!

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