Friday, February 24, 2012

When to exit

The world is a strange place, just under an year ago in Indian media the Indian cricket team was considered as saints and Sachin was the god. When non Indian cricket fans thought that the world cup final will be the grand swan song for the legend, indians were talking about him playing another world cup and quitting with another world cup under his belt. Dhoni was being praised as the captain cool and the man with the Midas touch. His IPL team was winning, he won the 20-20 world cup and then the world cup.

Everything looked perfect for India. Then fate or rather the curse of wealth probably hit them hard and we had now seen how gods had gone down to dogs. Sachin's unfortunate circumstance of being stuck on 99 hundreds had left a huge blot on his other wise illustrious cricketing career. People who cannot carry a bat and score a century at a back yard match has taken to social media and ruined the great man's image. I am not a fan of Indian cricket or Sachin, but I strongly feel that he didn't deserve this treatment. Probably the only fault he did was he didn't know when to quit and to do a graceful departure at the peak.

There is this excellent article by Harsha Bhogle on graceful departures click here to read. Couldn't have agreed more, its the fault of selectors who are not making the right decisions and looking at a lucrativeness on offer its very hard for a cricketer to make up his mind to quit, so you shouldn't complain about Sanath! This is the point at which I couldn't stop thinking about Murali's excellent and graceful exit at peak.

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