Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trinity Cricket

When we were at school winning a single match for the season was a big challenge. If a team ended up with all draws without loosing a match the entire season we would take that as a good season. Winning matches used to happen once in a blue moon. We never expected to win, all we wanted was our team to make sure we do not loose the match. College team had players like Sanga and Kaushalya, still we could win only a match or two for the whole season.

But in recent years it has been completely transformed. The boys keep on winning at mind boggling rates. Last season they set up a record for the number of consecutive wins and I thought it was a flash in the pan, but to see they had carried it in to this season. I was just reading that they had registered the 8th out right win for the season. Its phenomenal, specially when we think of our days. I am sure the boys deserve a lot of credit for the commitment determination and the grit they are showing on the field. The brand of cricket they are playing is very positive, in one of the matches against Josephs chasing a first innings score of 286 apparently the team had been trailing at 57/6 and then came the massive partnership of 266 for the seventh wicket. Stuff we hear only the Australians doing. Exceptional stuff.

Anyway while the boys basks on the glory, I think behind the scenes a lot of things had been done to get this process right, including a lot of work from the coach, teachers, the old boys etc. All these people deserve a lot of credit. We hope that we would see more of these kids in national colours soon and more importantly they will be positive minded people who would contribute to the society at large. 

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