Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No complains

When you read certain books or watch certain movies while being in certain situations you feel so good about them. You feel as if its an all time great book or an epic movie. Getting immersed in a movie or a book and enjoying it to the max is very much subjective. I just realized it. I read this book "The no complaining rule" and felt so elated, but when I sit down to write a short review of it - I felt that the fable can actually be summarized and presented in 2 pages the maximum.

Anyway given the context in which I was reading  from I felt that it was the best thing that happened to me, to come across this book. On a day when excuses and complaining has become contagious and I was at the verge of catching the virus the book was a good wake up call.

When you read certain books you get eureka moments, and while reading this book for once in life time, I felt good about a "let the person go" decision I had made in the past. I "let the person go" because the said individual had this peculiar ability to come up with 100 reasons why a certain thing cannot be done and unfortunately not a single reason on how a certain task can be achieved. The mind set was engraved in the mind and I found that it was becoming contagious, hence decided to let the person go. The fable also talks about a similar incident and rationalizes such decisions. For people who think that they had got in to this habit of complaining too much than being positive and facing up to the challenge - its a must read!

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