Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad - How intutive is it?

When I was reading Steve Job's biography there was this mention that ipad was so intuitive that even an illiterate 5 year old could use it. I was all taken up by this comment and wanted to experience myself. So when I tried to use it, I couldn't really feel that it was so intuitive. While using it, I just felt like using just another new device.

Being in IT, I had got pretty used to this and accepted this as part of life. So I couldn't make any judgement immediately. But then last week I gave the device to my mother and watched her handle it. She didn't want me to explain anything other than the home button. She even found the apps she needed, and after a few mins she was playing the thabbla application on the iPad.

When I was at school she is the person who tutored me on Maths and other subjects. Computing was the only opportunity for me to turn the tables on her. Thanks to Microsoft's complex UIs in windows and office packages, she had to depend on me to do a bit of 'teaching'. But now with this, my whole value was lost. This convinced me that, iPad has really captured the natural way in which people expect a device to work and built it in.

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