Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ilayaraja vs Rahman

Today I just heard the mini viral Tamil video teaser for the movie "Neethaane en pon vasantham". It had some sort of magic and stickiness. Going by the reason trend seems like its a good trick to make a non-professional sing it, so that people like me who doesn't have any knowledge of music all of a sudden feel that I can also give it a try.

The strings that are been played were awesome, seems like after "Naan kadavul" we might get some classics from Illayarajah. When I scrolled to read the comments and there was this big argument on whether if Ilayaraja is a better composer or whether if AR Rahman is a a better composer. This is basically a pattern every other time Ilayaraja comes up with a hit, this debate starts. 

I personally feel that its a ridiculous debate by retards. Just get a life, enjoy the music they produce. Both of them are greats, arguably two of the best in Tamil cinema as of now. For god sake lets be happy that we had been fortunate that such great composers has been producing Tamil music and enjoy the journey we are having. 

But then we have this peculiar ability to start such debates involving anyone in the same field.  For example, there is a cyber war on choosing whether the Tamil version or the Telungu version of this teaser is better,

We are seriously too good at finding reason's to start a fight! 


  1. One of the positive outcome of this war is, both the sides worked hard to dig the archives to get their BGMs, their inspired other versions and gems to prove one is better than the other. Eventually we get exposed to more and more songs of them ... Let them fight! We are just arm dealers!!

  2. I don't think is there anyone second to Ilayaraja and there can be to Rahman. Two different generations of MUSIC LEGENDARY. But IMO Ilayaraja will be the EPITOME of Tamil Music industry.